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Buy Me Gifts!

I love gifts. Who doesn't?

This is the best way to contribute to improving my life,

to give me something I want,... to make me a little happier!

And it's a great way to help me remember your name for a long time.

There are a couple of ways you can do this (check below).


There are always things I want to buy, or things I'm saving for...

So know you know how to show me your support!

How to Make Me a Gift

Amazon Wishlist

  • Pick something from my wishlist

  • Add at least $10 for shipping to the price

  • Send me an Amazon Giftcard (online) to

  • Add in the comment section what you want to give me and your email, I'll write you back.

  • Don't add sexy notes there!

Other gifts

For things that are not on my Amazon Wishlist, contributions and tips.

Send me money through one of the Clipsites (I get ~80%)




Some Ideas

A Videocamera, A nice Carpet, Drawing Tablet, Latex Clothes, Bad Dragon Dildos, Hairdresser Session, Spa Day, Hotel Nights, Vacations, Exotic Dinners, Help me pay my braces, a new Car,...

Now go and make me a gift!

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